Monitor your Servers in real time

A free alternative to monitoring services like NodeQuery and UptimeRobot. Keep track of page uptime and server resources. Get alerted by email when there's an issue.

Gain insights into your linux server health, availability and performance.

Every server, at a glance

See the current status of every server on one, glanceable page

Server CPU Load

See server load, and get alerts when servers start running hot.

Disk & Ram Usage

See disk and ram usage, and get alerts when disks fill up.

Detailed information on every server

See trends over time for every server

Latency, & Network Transfer

See charts for every byte of data, in and out. Track global latency over time.

CPU Load, Disk & Memory usage

See charts of CPU, Disk, & Memory load, including Swap.

How does it work?

Our server monitor script is easy to set up and use


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Free for up to 12 servers
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Add Servers

One simple shell command to install the monitor on each of your Linux servers, in seconds.


See Results Instantly

Detailed information about you servers is sent from each server to your monitoring page.

We made this app to solve your server monitoring problems


Unlimited Servers

All the features you're used to, without any server limits.


Unlimited Users

No restrictions on the number of sessions or users.


Easy to Share

Each Server dashboard is easy to share anywhere on the web.



Easy to share on a TV dashboard, from a single URL. We can even recommend hardware & tools!


Uptime Tracking

Monitor individual websites and webpages and get alerts when they go down.



Designed to be within the reach of any team, regardless of size, whether you self-host or subscribe.

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Up to 12 servers


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